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18. February 202022
About the Band

The project Bad Butler finds its origin 2013 – The two well-rehearsed guitarists Christian Lautemann and Gary Bonassi start by writing songs together. It quickly becomes clear that young willing men have to come here to present the written works. Since the beginning of 2016, the rhythmic foundation of the Saarbrรผcken troupe has been established with drummer Thomas Diener and bassist Christian Junker. Most recently, Dominik Kockler joins the band as frontman and singer. In this constellation, the first album “Not Bad At All” will be self-produced in August 2017.

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Thank you for taking the time for me. Bad Butler, a band name with alliteration, that goes into the ear. How did the name come about?

BB – We have to thank you! ๐Ÿ˜Š
We actually owe that name to our drummer Tom Diener. Is almost a wordplay with his last name. But he is not that bad … we do not pursue a deeper meaning either. Just listened to us well.

Hard, fast and crisp. This is how you describe your debut album “Not bad at all”. That brings me directly to the question about your setup. How is the hard Bad Butler Sound created? Do you fall back on the broad spectrum of a Marshall amplifier or rather on a full mesa?

BB – Not quite, a Kemper amp with a Mesa Boogie profile was used. This also makes it easier for us to record. Kemper ans interface and the arbor is finished. The amp – acceptance would have been a lot more time consuming, especially since the whole production at home was done and also a decent volume problem would have arisen.

Which effect pedals are used?

BB – Thanks to the Kemper we do not need any further external pedals. Some chorus, delay, reverb, and sometimes an octaver and a little wahwah, that’s all.

Who is the preferred guitar manufacturer?

BB – That is different. Currently we have LTDs from ESP at the start. Also times Schecter or Ephiphone.

Let’s talk about songwriting. The hard sound is paired with partly dark lyrics. Among other things, you also handle classics by Stephen King. Where does the influence come from? Are you fans of horror stories and movies? Or are you fascinated by King’s approach that behind trivial things is often the sheer horror?

BB – You take us in your question already almost the answer in advance ๐Ÿ˜€. But anyway, anyone who likes fantasy and good horror stories does not miss Stephen King. As you have already noted, he has the talent in trivial little things to hide the evil and the horror, just as it looks in the world halt. It makes it fun to pick it up and process it in one or the other text.

How are your songs created? Do you have a classic scheme? You play with a riff and while everything is played in the loop you get the vocal part? How do you do this?

BB – The songs are produced at home in the quiet little room. That on the computer, the skeleton is created. The guitar fraction shakes off the riffs and our singer then thinks of these recordings at home. Then we play in the rehearsal room these designs together with the band. We arrange the songs again until it fits.

Speaking of scheme. How do you do a typical band rehearsal?

BB – Pretty unspectacular. Mostly we play our songs once and that’s it (assuming everyone prepares for the rehearsal). Unless we are working on new material, then we have a little time left behind. Incidentally, we deliberately have no couch in the rehearsal room. The only stops the samples;)

What should not be missing in the rehearsal room?

BB – The band and electricity^^ hahaha … you have definitely something else expected

Are fans allowed in the holy place?

BB – Sure, if someone two hours in a dark basement room with loud music spritzer
wants to let.

Songs want to be presented and you can now look back on many live concerts. How are the last 30 minutes before a gig? Calm nerves? Hot games? Or celebrate with groupies backstage before?

BB – Mostly we are busy with hectic reconstruction. Unless we start, then we’ll wait until it starts. If the backstage allows it will be a bit warm, maybe even a beer. By the way, groupies, in my opinion, are a myth: D

Has there ever been an embarrassing incident on stage?

BB – Luckily, not really so far, so it’s best to be in the ground at least in the Bad Butler era. Something always happens, but never really bad. Rather like the motto: Hey, that’s live. Can happen times;) I think that makes it synonymous. Otherwise you could insert the same as a CD.

Let’s think in Rockstar style: Who would you like to have as an opening act?

BB – Oh dear, that’s difficult. Vorband always sounds to me like this: “Be glad and thankful that you are allowed to play in front of band XYZ”. I’m more in favor of each band playing under the same conditions, no matter what “rock star status” the bands have

IndieNuts is a platform for independent artists. We would like to promote film, music and the cooperation of the artists. In your case, you already have yourself presented with the song Loud ‘n Proud the film Darwin’s Law by Matthias Olof Eich, another musical climax. How did that happen?

BB – Sometime in mid-2017, we had only recently released our album in digital format, I got a message from Facebook via Facebook with the request if we would like to contribute a song for his new film. He also had an idea of โ€‹โ€‹what song it should be. He happened to find us on a band portal in which we were recently joined. Of course, we were immediately on fire … short and crisp, without much Bohei. @Matt: Every time again ^ ^

If your band’s story is made into a movie one day, who should play you and whom do you choose to direct?

BB – Hmm, will that ever be the case? But if, at least I would spontaneously come up with a director ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you for the interview, but what should not be missing in the end is a small outlook: Are you currently working on a new album? If so, when do we get to hear it?

BB – My pleasure! We are currently working on a new album, but it will take some time. Maybe we’ll finish it by the end of the year, let’s see …

5 Facts
#1 Bandbus or with your own car?

As well ... as. Arrives at the distance. If it is closer to the private cars and further away there's a 9-seater. Computes then rather than with 3-4 cars to drive.

#2 Scotch or Bourbon?

Neither nor ๐Ÿ™‚

#3 At the soundcheck I ...?

... turn up the volume ๐Ÿ˜€

#4 Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath?

Not "or", in that order! ๐Ÿ˜‰

#5 My first concert ticket was from?

Accept - Russian Roulette Tour 1986

1 Handgranut2 Handgranuts3 Handgranuts4 Handgranuts5 Handgranuts ร˜: 3.00


We are Indie... and we are Nuts!

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Artist – Bad Butler

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