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It is important for us to get most of the parts from German manufacturers. On the other hand this simplifies the communication and shortens all ways for new developments. Meanwhile we may say, that there is an exquisite guitar manufacturer scene in Germany, which definetely should be supported...
3. November 201951
Gamble Guitars
Sascha Proske and Robby Rybol
Based in
Ratingen/ Germany

Gamble Guitars

We build finest Custom-Made guitars in our little factory. You can select between our basic models „Big Mama“, „Rockfire“ , „Miss G“, „Pokerface“ and our Bass „The Ace“ where the different features like wood types, pick-ups or neck styles can be customized to the players wish. We would like to give our customers all the special things they don’t get from mass products. Each player and each personality is different and so the guitar should have its own character. The quality of wood and the precise processing, guarantees the best sound ability. To guarantee the highest quality of our products, we select the wood personally. Only the best types and pieces of wood will be honored to become a guitar, made by us.

We manufacture our guitars with passion and a lot of love to the detail.

Handmade in Germany


You fulfilled a dream and founded your own guitar brand “Gamble Guitars”. Playing guitar and listening to music all day long. Sounds like a dream. Is it really a normal working day?

GG – Sure 😉

Of course not, of course there is rock music on your ears at all times and guitars are taken into your hands every day due to your job. That’s the passion from which the whole thing originated. The love for music, for woodworking and especially for the guitar. That’s what’s most important every working day. But it is much, much more work than most people think. Milling, grinding, varnishing, marketing, sales, office stuff and so on. Basically everything comes directly from Gamble, so we do everything ourselves except the hardware. Miri does all the graphics, flyers, logos… Michael sometimes helps me with the bodies, Jörn helps me with the CNC milling machine that we use to make our fingerboards, inlays, engravings and headplates. Maik takes care of our website and Robby is my spiritual advisor and still belongs to Gamble in his heart. Unfortunately he had to stop for different reasons (illness, time…). So there is always help, which is why I always speak in our form. Alone I would go down there 😉

It’s definitely a dream come true, I never want to do anything else again. For me guitar building is the absolutely most beautiful job in the world. I love it and am happy to build guitars every single day.

It took only 2 years from the idea to the final foundation. What were the difficulties? And what went easier than expected?

GG – It was fascinating how our models and especially the brand “Gamble Guitars” were accepted from the beginning. That wasn’t necessarily easier than expected, but it went faster than we imagined. We were really lucky to find dealers very quickly, many identified very quickly with the brand and we were warmly welcomed by all other companies at all trade fairs. Every year we were able to sell more guitars, that’s how it is until today. The difficulties were of course to get the right quality, you learn a lot over the years and to finance everything was very difficult. Is it until today 😉

It was very hard to get two jobs under one hat for the first 4 years. Until 18 o’clock job no.1, then until 2 o’clock at night job no.2 Today I couldn’t do that anymore but it was a blatant experience that brought a lot…

When you speak in plural, I like to pick it up. Can you give us a few names of who your customers are? Of course we want to listen to their music 🙂

GG – Of course:Tott from the band Slomind

Jan from Saltatio Mortis
Edin plays for some, among others for Beatrice Egli 😉
Kfir Ochaion is a YouTuber and very good guitarist with over 700.000 followers.
Wolli from Dezperadoz

Who would you like to build a guitar for, apart from Angus 😉

GG – There are a few: Dave Grohl. Guitarists from all punk bands like: Nofx, Millencolin, Lagwagon. But also Slash, Airbourne, Steel Panther, Tom Morello and many more. But in the end it’s simply the most beautiful thing to see the guitars on stage. No matter who plays them.

From the inquiry to the finished guitar: How long do you work on a work?

GG – Usually between 30 and 50 hours. Of course it can be longer depending on the effort.

Has there ever been a request you couldn’t implement?

GG – Well, we don’t do glossy, otherwise everything else…

As professionals, do you still have a secret tip for our readers what to look out for when buying a guitar?

GG – Man do I have to answer!? 😀

Hahaha, well, you’ll get around this question this time, but one day I’ll come back to it 😀 Thank you for your time and we wish you lots of success and exciting assignments. Your guitars are nuts!



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We are Indie... and we are Nuts!

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