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Without frills and pathos, they want to change the world...
3. August 201923

About the Band

Groundswimmer from Munich.

Without frills and pathos, they want to change the world. Oliver with his soft to whiskey-harsh tone color, Michi with his deep bass lines, André with his sustaining riffs and Johannes with driving accented rhythms. Shaped by grunge, country, some stoner rock and influences from folk, they provide a lot of variety in their music without changing their musical identity, reminiscenting of rock greats like John Butler Trio, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots.


20 dates for 2019 – you are currently busy. I don´t want to go into the house with the door, but I do 😀 Is there maybe a new album coming up?

GS – Considering that since our last album “Rocket” three years have moved in the country, it is probably time that we get back in this regard. In fact, we are currently in the songwriting process. It will take some time, because we want to release more than ten songs again this time and the change of the bass line has slowed us down a little last year. However, we will shorten the time to release next year with a single release in November.

It is said that the environment also characterizes the music you do. Let’s face the fact that you live in a not very cheap city. Independent and Munich, is not that a slow contradiction? How do you see Munich as the musical development in the state capital? And how do you shape your Munich surroundings?

GS – Let’s put it this way: we could actually incarnate an urban influenced, in a deprived area resulting hardcore band only conditionally. Almost all of us grew up in Munich, so the city certainly gave us a certain stamp in our development process. However, this has no effect on our music. On the contrary. We often process experiences and impressions that we were able to gather on trips or that arise from interpersonal situations in our songs.

Of course, Munich is not one of the cheapest patches, but it’s about the attitude to the point. Since we are already very idealistic and there are many green areas and flowing water. Paired with great buildings, the atmosphere invites you to spend a lot of time in the air. You do not need much for that. In addition, Munich also remains a city in which a lively student culture prevails. With institutions such as Backstage, Milla, Feierwerk, etc., there are also enough places to go for a vibrant live music landscape. So the possibilities should not fail. Let’s draw a comparison to the pilgrim center of the republic, Berlin. There, bands like grass sprout up and for individual artists it becomes all the more difficult to get out of the crowd. Of course, Munich also has a very good musician / band scene. Only the number of acts in general is comparatively limited. And so the audience also has a chance to really discover newcomers for themselves.

Can one even afford a rehearsal room in Munich?

GS – Yes, you can. In another place on this globe, you could probably get an apartment for the same money, but that’s another thing …

How do you do a typical band rehearsal?

GS – For some time now we have been using a What’s App group for preparation. There is usually a short plan for the upcoming rehearsal tuned, so what songs we make us or if we want to work on the songwriting. There are always new ideas and demo tracks.

Otherwise, we are grooving ourselves with a few standard songs for the evening. After that it usually gets pretty loud and almost always very productive.

If we are already in processes and rituals. Do you have a solid ritual in before you go on stage?

GS – Oh, everyone is a bit different. Johannes, for example, likes to retire a bit and prepares silently for the gig. André almost always strums his guitar again. Otherwise, however, a lot is communicated with each other. If other bands are involved as well, we will always find them in the auditorium during their shows.

Time to digress from all the live trouble. Your Album “Rocket” from 2016 is a 15 track record. Who writes the songs with you and how does it work for you?

GS – Meanwhile, we know each other very well after all these years, because the songwriting has really become a community experience. Most of the time it works out that for example Michi has an idea for a riff and a possible song flow, and we work on it together. Olli often comes with sporadically instrumented suggestions, in which the text and the vocal melody are already largely finished for rehearsal. Then the task is to create a song in the true sense of it. Mostly, the first visions change dramatically with each rehearsal, until a first, rudimentary idea has become a full-fledged song. So it can happen that a designed as a ballad track is converted into the stadium rock anthem and vice versa.

By the way: Rocket has a great artwork! It reminds me of the movie classic Metropolis of 1927 and we would not be IndieNuts if we do not go into it. Who was the artist behind the cover?

GS – Thank you! Behind the artwork is our Olli, who loves to paint and draw portraits in his free time. The inspiration for the artwork came to us during a stay in India in early 2016, so we went there for the video shoot for “Roadhouse Blues” on a houseboat. After completing the shoot, we made a few days holiday in Sri Lanka and were one evening in a burger bar while eating. There were these vintage movie posters hanging everywhere on the walls and the style made us somehow straight away. In addition, the implementation fits quite well to the album title.

Are you movie fans?

GS – Absolutely! But they serve less as a source of inspiration for our music.

Which movie would you like to recommend to the readers of IndieNuts?

GS – Clearly: Into The Wild. In addition to a first-class soundtrack, this film has outstanding performers and tells a very moving story of a dropout. In many ways, the message coincides with some of our lyrics and not least our personal interests.

Guys, thank you for your time and for giving us some insight into your band life.

Music video - Roadhouse Stop

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