Artist of the MonthArtist of the Month: Moontowers

5. March 201931
Vocals, Guitars
Bass, vocals

About the band

Moontowers was founded in 2017 and already in 2018 they released their first EP “The Arival”.

Like a thunder rumble it went through Metal scene of Koblenz, that a new supergroup (quote: Jürgen S. / has found together. Baulig, Dommermuth, Kratz and Kuschke are not blank sliders in the scene and so Moontowers brings together the concentrated experience of the bands Blueside, Metal Inquisitor, Secutur and Desaster.

Hard guys without first name, that’s the headline in the culture section of the Koblenzer Zeitung. And so it is, because Baulig, Dommermuth, Kratz and Kuschke are not on unplugged, but let it really crack with hard riffs. With their influences from blues to black metal, they stylize themselves as doom metal. The music is crowned with Dommermuth’s epic-inspired lyrics about battles and the depths of the human soul.

Open your hair, form your hands to Devil Horns and get ready for ultimate headbanging, as the band’s first album is near.

We are really looking forward!

For your ears

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We are Indie... and we are Nuts!

Artist of the Month: Moontower…

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