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Since we do a lot of things together, we are actually often referred to and referred to as a "dynamic duo" ...
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Sabrina & Sascha. If you follow them both on the web, you have a little bit of a dynamic duo. Batman & Robin, Sherlock & Watson and then Sabrina & Sascha. Does it only seem that way or do you actually play each other the creative balls?

Sascha: Since we do a lot of things together, we are often addressed and referred to as a “dynamic duo”. Of course, we like that very much. In joint projects, we are of course always equal, we develop ideas together and play each other the creative balls, yes.

We start as chivalrous as we are with the lady: Sabrina! Actress, model, author and producer, these are big chunks. Tell us a bit about you and your way into the world of showbiz?

Sabrina: I have been in front of the camera for various TV formats since my youth. The breakthrough came when I was approached by a make-up artist (Maria Albanidis) for a music video (Baby Brown). From there I stood for various artists in front of the camera. Then the modeling began and from then on the path continued through Adriano Ingrao’s in the independent film sector, to our joint project “Hour of the witch” and there are more projects planned. Currently we are writing a screenplay for an end-time film.

Now to you, Sascha, director, photographer, author. Was that similar to you?

Sascha: As with many others, my passion for film was already awakened in my childhood. In particular, it had done to me the fantastic movie and its countless monsters. Already in elementary school I drew comics and thought up short stories. Even then it was clear to me that my name should someday be read in any form in the credits of a film 🙂 For the film I finally came literally as the maiden to the child. Everything started with photography and image editing. At some point I was invited by Olaf Ittenbach to shoot set photos for a re-shoot of his movie “Savage Love”. There, I was also allowed to take on a small part in the role of extras and subsequently shot portraits of him and his wife. These have pleased him so much that I was allowed to look after several artworks and set photos of his projects. And thanks to the social media soon other film makers have become aware of me (including Marcel Walz, Timo Rose) for whom I have created artworks, have acted in extras roles and worked as still photographer (Seed 2, Blood Feast) and then one came to another.

During the research I stumbled across What’s it all about?

Sascha: is the homepage for my photography and image processing. Admittedly, this has not been up to date for years and urgently needs a refurbishment. Many of my recent work can also be seen on Instagram (Sascha S. Goldbach) or Facebook (ItWaitsArt). Including various DVD covers designed by me and promo designs for bands and films.

Let’s talk about film making. Your current film project “Hour of the Witch” had its debut on the DEAD ENDS Award 2018. What is the movie about?

Sascha / Sabrina: “Hour of the Witch” is based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft (Dreams in a Witch House) and was conceived by us as a pilot of a miniseries, which should revolve around the Lovecraft legacy. This episode is about a young student who, for lack of alternatives, has to move to a dump and is haunted by a witch trying to drive our protagonist crazy. Always at the witch’s hour Ophelia is haunted by the old Keziah and her harbinger, the Brown Jenkin in her dreams.

The script for the movie is from both of you. How do you share the work, or how do you work together on such a substance?

Sascha / Sabrina: First of all, I naturally read the original story over and over again and thought about how to decorate and realize this story on a small budget and with “sour local flavor”. Then a synopsis was devised. We then used these as the basis for our ideas, which we all first lumped together. Each of us then wrote individual scenes that came to his mind on the subject and patch worked in the fine-tuning we then the best ideas for us to a framework about the characters of history.

Which departments do you cover additionally? Camera, light and cut? In other words: How does it look on a normal Batman & Robin … I meant Sabrina & Sascha film set?

Sascha / Sabrina: For our first movie we were actually very well organized. So it was done to us at least during and after the shooting. Of course, Sabrina focused on her role as Ophelia during the shoot, and besides the director, I only took over the driver. The guys from RREC as well as Annika Kappenhagen, the camera and assistant director of the Olaf Kuzniar, took over the sound. For the light department we had the Adriano Ingrao on site and the effects were provided by Philipp Rathgeber. Kai E. Bogatzki took over the editing and the grading for us.

What’s next with Hotw (Hour of the witch)?

Sascha / Sabrina: Although we have already gone through a first test screening on the Dead Ends Award, we are now in the spring of springing up some post-production and some post-production. We also work with the frontman of the band “Hellgreaser” on a soundtrack. Of course, when the film is done, we try to acquire funds to produce more short stories for a series. If it does not work with the series, we probably work on a Lovecraft anthology with at least 2 more short films. Either way, we will submit the finished “Hour of the Witch” at various short film festivals and see how it arrives.

As far as I know, you were Sascha in the movie “Scars of Xavier” producer. What exactly was your part and do you have some scandalous or amusing insights for our readers about this fantastic independent film?

Sascha: I came across “Scars of Xavier” when the pre-production was finished. Originally, I wanted to produce a ghost movie with Kai (Bogatzki), but since the lead actor was blocked for a Netflix movie at that time and the main funder for “Scars” had jumped off, we then spent the budget on “Scars of Xavier”. So I have taken over the financing in large parts, organized a few locations and supporting actors, and the “disco scene” as well as it was filled with extras. In addition, I was able to creatively contribute to the promotion of the film by doing extra shootings. B. made for a calendar, set photography, etc.

What I particularly remembered: Almost this film would never exist, because our cameraman had forgotten after a four-day shoot in Prague, the camera and thus all the raw material in our apartment. We noticed this only when we were back in Germany. A real shock second. Thankfully, the bag was taken into custody, and we were able to pick it up the same day. Kai then drove to Prague again, because a day later we needed the camera for another planned shoot for which we had already rented locations.

What is your planned future?

Sascha / Sabrina: In addition to the re-shots for “Hour of the Witch”, we are already Easter together for the third time in front of the camera. Then follows the premiere of “Stories of the Dead” (Thomas Pill) in Augsburg, where we were allowed to take over as a couple as well as Ralf Richter and Eva Habermann also a guest role. We will also be at this year’s Weekend of Hell in Dortmund.

Sabrina: I’ll be there with my Resident Evil cosplay group “Umbrella German Hive Corporation” as Claire Redfield. Furthermore, I occupy a minor role in the Netflix series production “Die Welle”, for which there are still shooting days ahead.

So also in the cosplay scene active. Crazy. You notice, but the circle slowly closes and you end up just a huge potential of creativity. I’m excited and at the same time curious what else can be expected from both of you. Thank you very much Sabrina and Sascha for your time and the interview.


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