27.09-29.09.2019IndieNuts Awards 2019


Photos by: Steffen Hacker, Peter Hacker, Patrick Jahns





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Pick It Up! Ska in the ’90s

Pick It Up! ist eine Dokumentation über den Aufstieg und Fall der dritten Welle der Ska-Musik. Sie erzählt die Geschichte, wie es einer Underground-Musikszene irgendwie gelungen ist, zu überleben, indem sie in den 90er Jahren für einen kurzen Moment in den Mittelpunkt des Mainstreams gerückt wurde. Der Film zeigt Mitglieder von No Doubt, Reel Big Fish, The Mighty Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Sublime, Goldfinger, Less Than Jake und viele mehr!

Kategorie: IndieNuts Documentary | Regie: Taylor Morden | Produktion: Taylor Morden, Rei Mastrogiovanni
Musikdokumentation | Land: USA | Laufzeit: 01:40:00

Caring In Another World

Fanny and Sandra are going to complete an internship in a medical dispensary located in a shanty-suburb of Cotonou. These two nursing students from the Saint-Étienne Red Cross Training School have chosen Benin for their placement. Over the course of two months, they will discover a new culture and will need to adapt to local practices of care, in one of the poorest parts of the world.

Category: IndieDocumentary | Director: Coline Morand | Production: Laurent Preyale
Human Rights Portrait | Country: France| Laufzeit: 00:55:00

Guitar Days – An unlikely Story of Brazilian Music

In the sunny Brazil, widely known by its latin rhythms and mellow tunes, a new generation of rockers decided to defy the status quo and create a new not-so-Brazilian genre.

Category: Indie Documentary | Director: Caio Augusto Braga | Production: Caio Augusto Braga
Musikdokumentation | Country: Brazil | Runtime: 00:55:50


Love Possibly

A rom-com obsessed virgin finally finds a fiancee on a Russian bride site, but he soon realizes Hollywood rom-com rules don’t apply when you’re trying to make a mail-order bride love you.

Category: IndieFeature | Director: Michael Boccalini, Che Grant | Production: Arabella Burfitt-Dons
Comedy, Romance, Mockumentary | Country: UK | Runtime: 01:22:55


Als Felicitas Leben auf den Kopf gestellt wird, weiß sie nicht, ob ihre Alpträume die Kontrolle über sie übernehmen oder ob etwas Größeres versucht sie zu kontrollieren – und der einzige Weg, die Wahrheit herauszufinden, ist ihre beste Freundin Natascha, die in einer Anstalt eingesperrt ist.

Kategorie: IndieNuts Feature | Regie: Steffen Hacker | Produktion: Steffen Hacker, Eric Sonnenburg
Mystery, Thriller | Land: Deutschland | Laufzeit: 01:28:00

Wer Frieden sucht

Johannes Lukas is a young man who despite his 30 years has not yet achieved much in life. On day, he only wants to bring a few books to his mother, who is living in an old people’s home, when he discovers a forgotten film in a drawer in her apartment. To make her happy, he has the film developed. In the photos, however, he does not discover his mother, but himself, accompanied by a beautiful woman whom he cannot remember. He finds out that it is his girlfriend Sarah Völkl who died in a car accident in which he lost his memory. He is still trying to process what he has learned when he suddenly meets Sarah Völkl on the street.

Category: IndieFeature | Director: Daniel Alvarenga | Production: Daniel Alvarenga
Psycho drama | Country: Germany | Runtime: 01:40:02


Im AnschlussMeer bei Nacht

“Meer bei Nacht” (Sea at Night) tells the story about a man, whose disease took away his self-determination, reputation and social support. His tendency to get lost in memories of his past, leads him to a momentous decision.

Category: IndieShort | Director: Kim Fabienne Hertinger | Production: Kim Fabienne Hertinger
Drama | Country: Germany | Runtime: 00:26:00

Im AnschlussAinhoa

Ainhoa is 9 years old and she has left home, bringing only her school bag and a Playmobil.
“Ainhoa is a story that, instead of trying to put children to sleep, tries to wake up the adults.”

Category: IndieShort | Director: Ivan Sainz-Pardo | Production: Aitor Arenas
Drama, Social, Thriller | Country: Spain | Runtime: 00:19:00

Im AnschlussJe suis Chaud!

Greg kennt jedes Zitat von DRIVE, HEAT oder FAST AND FURIOUS auswendig. Mit seinen brandneuen Fahrhandschuhen, gut platziert vor dem Lagerhaus sitzend, ist er mehr als bereit für seinen ersten Überfall!

Category: IndieShort | Director: Benoit Bargeton | Production: Benoit Bargeton
Action / Comedy | Country: France | Runtime: 00:02:00

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