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We filmmakers are at the bottom of the road and now we have to decide ...
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Calm After The Storm aka wound licking 2.0

It’s been a few days since countless movies have been deleted on Amazon Video Direct and are still being deleted. Here is the article.

Well, IndieNuts would not be IndieNuts if we were not able to help the indie filmmaker, so we are now addressing the problem that currently 100% of independent filmmakers are facing: VideoOnDemand.

DVD’s and hardcopies we leave out now. This is a different story and should be told another time.

Before we come to the general issue of VOD, let’s go back to the current AMAZON PRIME debate. As we have now found out from a reliable source (no, we do not give the source price, we would otherwise have to execute all our readers after that and that would be stupid), Amazon has apparently programmed an algorithm to clean up your VOD service from movies which are counterproductive are.

Let’s briefly take a look at AMAZON. We have these little garages StartUps which we now call “NutFlux” and “egg tunes” for privacy reasons. These companies are in direct competition with Amazon’s “Prime”. With a little difference. Both services allow content on their platforms only when submitted through so-called “aggregators”. Aggregator is just another word for “lender”. So these aggregators decide what is good and what is bad. So basically the same system as we know from the cinema and rental market. Others decide once again what, how, where appears.

As an entrepreneur, I can fully understand the lender’s system, and you too should do that. Really people, not a lender with two or more brain cells just takes on every movie and puts thousands of Euros in the release of this title with the knowledge never to see the money invested again. Please be as honest as a filmmaker to yourself. Shit stays shit, whether I press it on a DVD or not. And lenders are in the end also only economically thinking companies, otherwise they would not exist de facto.

Well, now it came to a revolution a few years ago. The Internet has completely dismantled the lender structures and tore down all the “walls” that have been built over the years. OK, the walls are still standing. Getting his movie to the cinema, TV or the DVD market is still difficult. But to bring it to the end customer, that was finally possible. And this is exactly where Amazon had a brilliant idea.

It opened its VOD portal for all filmmakers and paid in the beginning also really fair prices for the views. I’m pretty sure even that it was a minus business economically. Market technically, however, ingenious. As a result, Amazon pulled all the filmmakers and thus their customers to themselves and thus became the “Number One Player” in the VOD area. Amazon was happy and we filmmakers as well.

Until these noses came up with “NutFlux” the idea to prefer own productions to the strangers and to offer these also only on the own platform. And behold, suddenly the forces shifted again. Amazon of course moved and also created his own projects, known under the title “Amazon Originals”. But still far less successful than its competitors. Why was that? Well, the clever minds at Amazon have found out. – TOO MUCH WASTE – in content. You know it yourself, you watch a movie, this movie has certain tags, and based on your digital movie taste fingerprint, the VOD system’s algorithm offers you similar movies. Brilliant.

We also know about the AMAZON mail order business. Once looking for diapers for their own child, two minutes later, the first advertising for incontinence medication pops up in our windows. But now Amazon’s idea of ​​leaving everyone on its platform failed, because an algorithm knows that this and that movie contains zombies and drama, but it does not know if it’s Brad Pitt who assassinates zombies or Hans Unterholzer (by profession business economist). And now the ignorant customer suddenly gets movies that turn out to be a complete garbage when clicked. Yes, we here at IndieNuts love such movies. But the crowd does that in the rarest case. But Amazon needs just that … the MASS.

Now you’re sure, my goodness, then just write a script that films for stars, etc. durchforstet and beat the sheep … I mean customers, then just stop these films. Basically no stupid idea, was also made. The viewing figures of our indie films sank into the bottomless. Not three months ago. And we would have coped, if it were not the business economists, so not Hans the zombie slaughter, but the Amazon. And they have legitimate objections, if they suggest that these films that hardly anyone sees, on the servers cost tons of resources and thus money. And by now, each of you should have understood why Amazon is doing what it does. I’m sorry, in the end, Amazon is a business-minded company. Who can blame them?

So. After we have extinguished our torches and hang the pitchforks back in their places, we turn to the, in my opinion, the current three ways to stay:

1.) The slaughterhouse:

Amazon, Netflix, iTunes and dozens of others are still there. There trying to publish his film has become harder yes, but not impossible. You have a good movie and you go through a lender or aggregator, then you get there as you did before.

Sure, the profit is cut in half and you may lose a lot of the rights to your own films, but that’s nothing new.

2.) The hermit:

You make a YouTube channel, a Vimeo account or, for technical knowledge, your own website and publish your film there. With this you are immediately at the end customer, you do not have to let anyone tell you how bad or good your content is and you can watch hysterically laughing as your views increase weekly by two or three clicks. Sounds a bit dramatic, but if you do not have a five-digit budget to promote your films or have just raised a million budgets through a crowdfunding campaign, no one will find, see, or at best pay for those films. But, it works and the possibility is open to all. And yes, a few have done just that. Maybe you are the next to succeed.

3.) The empire strikes back:

We as a filmmaker group ourselves and combine our skills and content, and together present our films and works on a few major indie platforms, achieving what would never be possible on their own. The merger of all makes it easier to distribute your own content and make it available to a larger audience. In other words, we need to be able to provide the customer with a way to find and consume their desired material on a platform without having to search the web.

… these are the current options in the VOD area.

What’s next? What are we doing? Why is straw there?

Well, we at IndieNuts are of course completely down to Solution # 3. After all, that’s exactly what we are. A platform for independent filmmakers. And that’s why we founded IndieNuts. Another advantage and in my opinion the best of this solution is: Consumer “A” finds the movie “B” on platform “C” is overjoyed that he suddenly finds movies there which he would never have found. As well as!!! Thus, an independent film advertises for the other and vice versa. All together achieve a mass that you can never do alone. And movies that are seen, come on, are the hottest movies. The enrich the life of the filmmaker and develop it further to start new great projects.

It is a logical solution to create your own indie film universe, it does not matter how out there the big black holes cancel each other out as they grow bigger and greedier. In addition, the customer thanks for sure.

We founded IndieNuts because as filmmakers and producers we noticed that the VOD landscape is changing. We’re a little surprised ourselves how fast it happened in the end and yes, crucify me, that’s now a cheap number. Tell me about how shit everything is and then I’ll pop you as an advertisement for our own IndieNuts platform.

Do not worry, who of you filmmakers thinks that the guys from IndieNuts have a nut to crack, that’s OK. There is also a place out there for you. Currently there are dozens of these platforms and if you do not like this or that one, go way 1 or 2. No matter, it does not matter in the end. Do not be stopped on your way. However, if you have found a little interest in way no. 3, please get in touch.

Yes, we at IndieNuts, as a filmmaker and producer, now address you, our colleagues and our fellow campaigners. Come to us and present your content together on our platform. Unite our followers with your followers and win together with all colleagues. IndieNuts currently offers space for your own presentation in addition to the VOD platform. Get in touch with other filmmakers and your viewers. Together we can go ingenious new ways in the independent area and finally leave the old well-trodden paths.

Famous last words:

Friends, we filmmakers stand at the bottom of the road and now we have to decide. Let’s go left or go right, take the blue or take the red pill. We still have great opportunities as indie filmmakers to shape and change the film landscape. The question that everyone has to ask himself is, is he walking the path alone or together with others.

Matthias Olof Eich

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