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A lone astronaut's spacecraft malfunctions, threatening to leave him stranded in orbit forever.
1. July 2019166

Interview with director Brett Williams

Brett, thanks for spending time here on IndieNuts and a fuc*** high five for “INFINITY 7”. That short blew my mind away. Awesome work man, awesome work!

BW – Thanks for having me! And thank you for the kind words. This was a very fun project to do.

I´m sure you didn´t went to space to shoot INFINITY 7 right? RIGHT?

BW – Haha, no! But if I was offered to, I’d jump on that opportunity in a heartbeat!

Okay, but Why? Why on earth is it that good-looking? I mean I have the feeling i’m right there in space.

BW – The reason so much of it looks so real is because it is real! We were very fortunate that NASA had recently released hours of 4K footage from the space station that we incorporated into the film. I only wish we could have used more of it. I mean there were hours and hours of this stuff. Just beautiful footage! I also wanted to avoid green screen when doing this film, so the whole set we built ourselves in a garage in Houston. There’s no green screen at all in this movie. I was even hoping to do the capsule as a large physical model and avoid having to use CG at all but time and budgets got in the way.

No green screen? (I had to re watch it) Yes… Unbelievable. There is no green screen scene… you got me. Awesome work.If you had asked me I would have bet that I saw some green screen scenes. My deepest respect for that. Great implementation and cutting work. Let´s take a U-Turn and talk a little personal stuff. What do you do for a living?

BW – I’m a software QA engineer at Apple. I help test anything Apple makes that connects to external displays (AppleTV, Macs, etc). So basically, I get to watch movies all day! I’ve also been fortunate that I’ve met a lot of creative people along the way. I met Kurtis von Krueger, the film’s lead and producer, back when we both used to work the Apple Store in Houston.

I get it, but why did you thought:“Let´s do a short movie! No wait, let´s do a shot movie in Space…Ohhh
no wait, let´s do a 4K short movie in space that looks like it was shot in space, by a NationalGeograpic Crew”.

BW – I’m a huge space nerd. I love space related stuff. My last film, Mixed Emulsions, takes place around Apollo 17 (the last manned lunar mission) with one of the key themes being about the end of an era. I’ve always wanted to make some kind of space film that involves astronauts but that gets difficult very quickly on lower budgets. But in the earlier Mercury flights, the capsules are so small and since you have only one astronaut, it becomes almost doable. Not only that, but you have to think about the isolation that man must feel, especially without radio contact. Looking down on the earth from above. It’s simultaneously an almost god-like position and also incredibly humbling and I hope the film somewhat conveys that.

That is something I really felt in the first moments of the film. Its very claustrophobic. And what makes that more powerful is the score. Done by Brett Bousley! Composer & Genius. Wow…just wow. His music is breathtaking and even if you close your eyes, your still in space looking down on our earth. Who is this guy and how are you connected?

BW – Brett Bousley is fantastic! He truly never ceases to amaze me. His work really captures the moment and most importantly, the emotion of the scene. He was one of two composers who worked on my previous film and his work on that film was just as stunning. I met him through our producer Kurtis and knew his brother (also a former coworker). The great thing is creative people usually know a lot of other great creative people!

Sounddesign? Man! I have to stop drooling! When I first heard it I thought “Wow, that is some high class sound engineering“.

BW – To be honest the sound design is the one area I wish we could have done more. It didn’t turn out too bad, but there’s not as much there as you may think. Basically everything you hear I put in there while editing was originally just going be temp sound. We didn’t end up getting a sound designer, so I mixed everything as best I could and I think it works well enough. Nothing new was recorded for this film, it’s all from various sound effects libraries and/or original source NASA audio.

Come on, you tell me you used original NASA audio and you wish you could have done more? That’s perfection from the core. OK, no interview without that question: EQUIPMENT! Cameras, coffee machine and other important stuff. What were your weapons of choice and why?

BW – We were very fortunate to be friends with Filmatic (, a production company in Houston, that we were able to rent a RED Dragon from. The goal for this project was to try to make a film that felt really epic, like you would want to go watch this in IMAX if you could and what better camera to do that than on a RED? The other secret weapon: Red Bull. Lots and lots of Red Bull!

Yeah, Red Bull gives you wings… but space rockets? That’s new. Tell me, how big was your crew. I mean, I saw the end credits. But tell us, what did the set look like.

BW – Small. Probably too small! The majority of the shoot only featured Daniel Wolff, our DP who is the real reason why the film looks so good, Kat Holm who helped with all the lighting and grip work and myself, trying to stay out of the way! Apart from directing I also ran sound, so I guess I did a little bit. Kurtis, the lead and producer, also helped a lot when he wasn’t being called on to act. The entire set was built my Kurtis, my dad and myself over the course of a week.

I love that. That sounds like real independent set. And man I can tell the difference. Trust me, a professional set is the second worst place you want to be. The worst is a Trash-Compector in big space stations. We know now what you did and what you do. Can you tell as what you will be doing in future times? Where do you see yourself next year? And don’t tell me in Space!

BW – Well right now I haven’t yet decided on my next project. My film making partner Kurtis is developing a feature script and I’ve got a few ideas I’m throwing around but I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!

Brett, thanks for your time and the interview.

BW – Thank you for having me! It’s been an absolute pleasure!

Infinity 7 - full length

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Interview about the short film…

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