InterviewInterview with director Daniel Alvarenga

Chris interviewed the third-place winner of the IndieNuts Awards...
24. February 20206

In conversation with Daniel

Your movie “Wer Frieden sucht” won bronze at the IndieNuts Awards 2019 and recently you had a cinema premiere in Regensberg, congratulations!

DA – Thanks!

How was the premiere for you?

DA – Very good, indeed. There were a lot more people than I thought. The cinema has about 200 seats, I was hoping for about 60 people. I brought about 20 myself. In the end it was 135, so I think that can be called a success.

What inspired you to write and film “Wer Frieden sucht”?

DA – I started with small fun projects in my circle of friends and after most of them had somehow lost the desire to do it again, it was exactly the opposite with me. Accordingly, the ambition was of course to make a feature film. In the end I completely underestimated it anyway.

What do you mean, “underrated”?

DA – Well, I shot a feature film in 10 days, which seemed like a lot of time in advance. If I had shot the film with others who didn’t completely follow my lead, it wouldn’t have worked. I owe a lot to the people in front and behind the camera, really.

In your opinion: What was the biggest challenge in “Wer Frieden sucht”?

DA – Hmm… the weather, really. We were shooting in January and stuff like: It gets dark early, we calculated, but that we’d start a dialogue in bright sunshine and end in a blizzard, we didn’t actually realize. That would have been the one point where I thought, “Ok, now we have to stop”, but went well in the end.

If I may ask, are you working on a new film project?

DA – Uh, in theory, yes (laughs). It just looks that way: The money for “Wer Frieden sucht” was my personal fortune… that hurt already and it?s just that I?m trying to raise my technical level… which means that the next movie won’t be cheaper, but more expensive and that’s not something I can lift myself. That means I’m not trying, but rather looking for any producers, investors, financiers who are willing to participate in any way. If I can do that, then I’ll start tomorrow.

What would you say to other independent filmmakers who are trying to make a film themselves? Forewarned not to do it or yes?

DA – In any case, always do it, even if it sucks, it’s still a movie! You know what I mean? It can be as bad as it is, be it technically bad or someone doesn’t like it or if you realize that it’s not what you want. I’m sure there is. I personally love it, that’s why I like to do it, but if you try to make a living out of it, I think there are easier jobs. Anyway, I would say try it, even if it’s just a mobile phone and five friends, it’s still a movie… maybe it’ll be the big break.

Daniel, thank you for your time. I wish you the best for the future and continued success with “Wer Frieden sucht”.

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Interview with director Daniel…

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