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In conversation with director Gero Samrey on the announced music video "Kein Weg zurück" by Kultstatus
15. March 201920

Great News on KULTSTATUS. The 2012 founded band around Tommy Bluhm (vocals), Mattis Vogt (lead guitar), Martin May (drums) and Arend Kuhls (bass guitar) has already delivered a lot and are releasing now “Kein Weg zurück”. An ingenious piece of German rock.

The new music video will be released on Saturday March 16th 2019 at 7 pm CET on:

IndieNuts asked Gero Samrey, the guy who was responsible for creating the music video for “Kein Weg zurück” to tell us a bit about the production.


Hello Gero, you seem to have a pretty big output on music videos lately. Respect. How did the current video come about?

GS – Quite simply, the band came up to me and asked if I could shoot an uncomplicated video for the song “Kein Weg zurück”. BAM

I understand, uncomplicated. The word we people at IndieNuts love. But in the end it will either be complicated or expensive. In the worst case both.

GS – Oh yes. I made them an offer to design a little story of my own to have better control. There were 3 different ideas written. The first was very similar to the current video, except that a burning barn was in focus. It was a bit too much to realize these shots. Above all, the budget was not enough to cover even the CGI effects.

Why not burning down a barn directly? That would be the spirit of Rock’n Roll and IndieNuts! But yes, it is sometimes frustrating when you have these pictures in your head and somehow knows exactly that you can never implement them.

GS – Yes sometimes that is very sobering. So on a new and in the second idea, it was more about the “angel”. In my mind, I imagined a fallen angel in female form fleeing from a heavily armed organization. A girl with broken wings and telekinetic abilities. Somewhere between “Species” and “Carry”. When I presented this idea to the band, I looked into laughing faces. “That comes to mind when you hear the song?” … idea discarded.

I understand, but then, that’s exactly the challenge. Shooting images from A to B that cover exactly what is being sung… meehhh that has something pretty boring to me and actually belongs in the drawer: “The Explaining Mama Bear”. I hope you could prevail.

GS – In the rough yes. I just mixed it all up and the third idea is now available as a video.

“Thomas” suffocates the loss of his girlfriend and increases more and more into this story. He fancies being on the heels of a masked kidnapper. Only his guardian angel can convince him that he is on the wrong track and yet please him to look ahead. Live goes on.

But I have to admit, I was already a little unsure. The topic of the video is hard on the border. It suits the song but still all the pictures are very dark. At last, it should actually be a love song. But in the end we managed it and got it done.

I agree. I particularly like the camera shots in all possible axes. Ingenious and very mobile solved. Did you have a relaxed shoot?

GS – The shoot was straightforward. We shot with 2 cameras at the same time (Sony A7 III). All the scenes before and in the barn were filmed chronologically and cost us one day.

How did you realize these “angel” scenes?

GS – The scenes in the afterlife, the scenes where the angel Lisawith a candle in her hand walks through a surreal world. Well, all these scenes were filmed in Munster on a friend’s location. Some idiots have set fire to his barn. 2 vintage cars were burned. So I used that as a backdrop. When I think about it, it sounds like I’ve been trying to implement my first idea… but it wasn’t me. Hahaha

Ha! So another dude stole my idea and then lights a barn without cameras running… Idiots is an understatement. I’m so sorry for the vintage cars and your friend, even if it was to your visual advantage in the end.

GS – Yes, life is sometimes bitter. Did you bring it back to your well-known team or were there new team members on set? No, I’ll stay with my usual suspects. `So nearly the half -Feed The Reapers- team was back on board. Robert Gryczke for creative advice. Daniel Tornow as a mandatory cameraman who was also responsible for the Color Grading and CGI. Second cameraman on this weekend was the colleague Roland Meets. And last but not least my girlfriend Susanne Treichel, responsible for the set design in the barn.

Brilliant. That’s how it should be done. That way you know what you have and can avoid nasty surprises. Still, you know, I love the chaos and burning down barns. Something must have happened to you. Confess!

GS – No, we just had a lot of fun shooting, I’m sure I’ll cut a little video with outtakes – there are really great bloopers there.

There were hardly any problems on the set. Even the “angel shot” at the barn door has become very nice. That was a bit tricky lighting technology. But we did it. After the shooting I tried to figure out what movie scene this shot reminded me of… And then it clicked. “The Exorcist”. At the very end, when Regan sits on the bed unleashed, her hand reaches up, light from behind, including a demon’s face in the background. I think this shot was only in the Director’s Cut. Anyway, a more or less intentional tribute to one of my favorite movies.

And I have to say, I was surprised by the performance of Tommy. As a frontman or singer one has, of course, acting potential in the blood. But right in front of the camera is a different story. I bought everything from him. Also, Arend (bass) and Michelle are not actors but filled their part with life.

It was definitely a lot of fun to work with the boys and girls, and I am proud of the result.

You are allowed to be so too. The video is great work and the I´m sure the guys of KULTSTATUS are happy with the result as well as all the fans should be.

But I have to blame you for one thing my friend. Next time we meet again you bring a little more scandals and set-gossips. I have to keep a community running here man. That’s not how it works.

GS – Sorry.

Apologize accepted. Hahahaha. Thanks Gero that you have taken your time, and we look forward to upcoming projects watching “Kein Weg zurück”.

GS – That’s the way it has to be and thank you for the opportunity to be supported by IndieNuts.

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