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The EspritsFireflies


Over 80T views in a few weeks that’s really strong. Strong, that’s the name of the director of “Fireflies”. Was this your first collaboration?

TE – “Fireflies” is already the third video we shot with Flo. In general, we worked closely with our buddies from Jungtrieb on a lot of the album “Men’s Business”. They always deliver.

Who had the idea for the video?

TE – Flo Stark and Alex Koppel (DOP) approached us with the idea. We immediately loved them and then spun it all together until we ended up with this mammoth project.

How long did it take from the idea to the finished video and where were the biggest problems in implementing the idea?

TE – It took about half a year. We shot a full week in August 2018 and of course had to organize a lot in advance. Such a school gym or swimming pool is not easy to get like that. Even such a big team and coordinating so many extras poses some challenges.

You are a band that attaches great importance to optics, of course, for all technology fans the question: with which camera was shot or did you have several in use?

TE – The video was mostly shot on the Red Dragon Cinema. The camera creates a very nice RAW image, in which the colors can be adjusted very individually in the color grading…we have let us say.

How did you shoot the underwater scene?

TE – For the underwater scene the Sony a7s ii was used. The camera is much smaller and therefore had the advantage of handiness in the underwater case. The Red would have been too bulky and too heavy. The real challenge, however, was to organize two divers who guarantee safety…and then find two divers.

What did the rest of the setup on the set look like?

TE – The setup was quite big and expensive, which is why we also worked with such a large number of crew members. The Camera Department alone included five people who, in addition to Red, mainly worked with a dolly with a gypsum arm mounted to stage crane shots in addition to ordinary camera shots. The light crew consisted of gaffer to technical assistants from pretty much every job, which one also finds on feature film sets. There were various types of spotlights in use. From 2kW Arris to imitate daylight over large areas up to 350 Watt spotlights for punctual illumination of the actors. The sound was also recorded during the shoot. Furthermore, production monitors, flags and other were in use. All of this is actually necessary if you value professionalism.

You have a great protagonist who has a very charismatic charisma. How did you come to Noah Tammen? Casting? The friend of a friend? Met in the neighborhood?

TE – That’s right, Noah did a terrific job, and we’re glad he was at the start! We cast him and all other actors through agencies. Such a video stands and falls naturally with the actors. The picture and the story can still be so good – if the actors are not authentic, nothing will come across. Not only did we have “luck” with Noah, but also with all the other actors -that was world-class!

If you look closely, you will see that you are not only once to be seen as a posterboy. Who do you have on the walls in the rehearsal room?

TE – To be honest, the exact same posters are hanging there 😀

You also play in the video, is that a passion of yours and would you be interested in starring in a movie?

TE – Our biggest dream would be to play in a daily soap. That’s why we always choose such roles for our videos. In which movie would you like to play? Till would have liked to be Frank in Lammbock, Roman the coach of Cool Runnings, André would have given almost anything to play the mourning Myrtle on Harry Potter and Ole was the yellow Power Ranger.

And last but not least: what music flick do you put in our hearts?

TE – Spinal tap

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Photo: Vincent Aaron Kruneš & Kristof Drzymalla

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